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Rob's Top 5 6 Top Gear Moments


0. Extra special addition - Richard Hammond surviving his monster crash and the new series back on track.

1. Richard Hammond sinking in the amphibious challenge.

2. The crowds outside the Parisian underground carpark as the three supercars ground on their way out and need broken pallets to lift the front wheels and get enough clearance. This is on Youtube somewhere.

3. The blind man going faster than Terry Wogan in the reasonably priced car.

4. Any unscripted Clarkson rant and subsequent viewer outrage on Points of View.

5. Blowing up the caravans. Mini catapults. May telling Hammond that he couldn't fly at night. The single tank of full Scotland to London challenge. The Cool Wall. Stig crashing the Scandanavian supercar before it got the spoiler fitted. Clarkson converting his dodgy knock off super car into furniture to win that challenge.

How's a boy to choose?