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Rob's Top 5 Role Playing Games

Yes, I'm sure that it would be Warcraft and Second Life now, but I am a veteran of the bucket of dice days! Speaking of which...

Tunnels and Trolls - It was this and Fighting Fantasy that got me started with their solo RPG books. T&T used huge numbers of six sided dice and was rather silly. Take That You Fiend was a typical spell name for example.

Car Wars - another silly one, this was where you designed a car with guns on it and then blew each other up. You had a little cardboard cornering template to see how risky your turns were. I used to have lots of cars and race them against each other on my bedroom floor. I did grow out of it though!

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - because everyone who was into RPGs did this one at some point. I was typically a slightly vulnerable young girl on a journey of discovery. Read that one and weep you psychoanalyst types! I enjoyed playing this one though.

Twilight 2000 - post nuclear war survival thing. I ran this one, and it was good fun. Gritty. I first read the rules when I was in hospital with my bad knee. This was the day that Alex Ferguson got taken on.

Call of Cthulu - where your character invariably went mad. Most amusing.

Not in there - Ghostbusters (rubbish really), Star Wars (didn't play it enough), Recon (was that what it was called? A Vietnam one where you died a lot), Middle Earth (OK but limited because of the setting. Your new characters weren't going to take on Sauron), GURPS (silly).