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Who am I? Good question, because there would appear to be about a million Rob Moores on the internet. I googled it, I know. That's me there though, right below this paragraph, with an award. Lovely. Roll your mouse wheel further down for a more typical shot and some stuff about me.

The dashing Dr Robert Moore poses with a slab of glass.

At this point, I'm asking myself why I want to put my personal details on the web. Maybe you are a stalker, plotting to horribly murder me. Maybe you are an ex-husband tracking me down for alimony payments. Maybe I just have a massive ego problem and want to world to read about Me. Maybe this one page will be all from the web that survives into the far future and the whole of 21st century mankind will be judged on the back of this. You could get a complex worrying about this kind of stuff so I'm not going to bother. Fact of the matter is, this is probably either an outlet for my repressed creativity or a monstrous expression of my ego. 

Either way - this is me in a sort of question and answer kind of way.

How old? The big middle aged 40 in 2010. I got id'd last year. Couldn't believe it.

Job?  Wow. This is a bit of a soap opera, with some unkind words in there for Safestyle UK. There is sticky tape and driving and dog food and fly killers. But I'm currently working as an IT buyer at Leeds Metropolitan University and all's good.

Loves? There are a whole set of pages dedicated to my top things (see Lists) and to my pet complaints but in a nutshell, I really like music (see the playlist) and books (see the booklist) and football. I was in hospital and just about to turn 16 when Sir Alex joined United. And I was in the air, flying back from San Francisco when they did the Treble so I missed the whole last minute goals drama.  I like the new Dr Who and the new Battlestar Galactica. Heroes has lost me now. Ditto Lost.  I like to cook. I like to write poetry. I like things that make me laugh, which usually means childish jokes or juvenile practical tricks.

Hates? I don't like tinned pork luncheon meat. I don't really like country and western unless it's Plant or Cash. And I really don't like racism and intolerance. Squirrels were bothering me a while ago. Not literally, although it is an image to conjure with. They've been stealing from the bird table, despite my efforts with chilli oil on the pole. That's another image to conjure with. I had a pump action water pistol but it wore out. Then I threw tennis balls at them. The best time to catch them is when they go up the fence at the end of the garden - bigger target and moving slower. Now we have inverted hat things on the poles, and that has fixed them for good. Hoorah!  

OK, I look like I'm stupid but I think it's a cute shot really.

What is this Local Preaching lark? In the Methodist church ordinary people can go through a training course and then lead worship and services (a link). We do it for all kinds of reasons, but I do it because I want to share my beliefs with others, and hopefully help one or two people in the process. God willing and all that. But I do believe that society finds it useful to have a moral and ethical compass for guidance, and this is where the church should be stepping in. Maybe it isn't doing this so much right now. I particularly think that there is still a need for a strong, reasoned anti-racism message and a continuing anti poverty message (another link).

Where have I been all your life? Well, I grew up in Dalton-in-Furness, which is a small town outside of a bigger town called Barrow-in-Furness. I was generally a mixed bag at school as you can see here.  I'm not one to criticise, but if you've been to Barrow then you'll know why I moved away. After three years at Van Mildert college in Durham, I came to Leeds, did a postgrad in timing belts and fan belts at Bradford University, then joined Concorde, as I mentioned above. Nice place, Leeds. The language is a barrier but the food is OK and the weather steady.

Height and Weight? 5 foot 11 and a half, maybe a smidge more than 13 stone. I ate all the pies :)

Distinguishing features? Not bald or grey yet but the hairline is going backwards a bit. No tolerance for beer since Rhianna came along. Bit of a limp.

Best Wii game? Haha, I've upgraded, good for me! WiiFit Plus was good, but the old Play and Sports stuff are great fun. Mario and Sonic at the Olympics is OK too. And I got Rock Band The Beatles for Christmas which has kept the family entertained for ages.

Best PS2 game? That dates me :) Still no PS3 yet. GTA always pushed the buttons, but this hasn't been switched on for ages, see above.

Am I the most accident prone person in the world? Well. That merits a page on it's own.

Which Star Trek? TNG without a doubt. I liked the new BSG as well. Heir to the throne of big America SF.

You were a role player when you were young? *blush* yes. I even dressed as a wizard and ran around a forest with a rubber sword.

Has this affected your development? This is a photo of me, taken a year or two afterwards. Make your own call.  But I'm better now.

That's me, Rob Moore, in my formative years.

Is this website a work of fiction? Well, knowing the web it could be. I could really be a 56 year old lorry driver called Barry, but maybe I'd invent something more exciting?? Or is that just a double bluff????