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Rhianna's Art

I'm utterly biased like any parent.


Piece from when she was seven, that's Dennis and Gnasher by the way.

Pieces from when she was six

A self portrait in pen

The Rhianna coat of arms summer 08


Stuff from Rhianna being four and five

Dad, when he hasn't shaved

A pastel impressionist dove


These were from when Rhianna was four

Self portrait in a hand crafted frame

A rainbow over the beach (paint on paper)

A house in pencils

A flower, in magic maize

A dinosaur in crayon tracing, with my name


These were from when Rhianna was three.

Free expression in felt tip

'The Seaside' - sticking and glueing textural work

Glitter paint and ink stamps on coloured paper

Extract from a mixed paint on paper work


There is a guy in the states who runs a website that has a couple of pages dedicated to laughing at parents who show off their kids artwork, and kids craft in general. Bah humbug, you miserable old so and so :-p