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Rhianna's page

Really growing up all the time now, getting dad worried, going to discos and doing well at school. I like writing stories and I have had my name in the Beano! I am working on my Grade 1 Piano and Violin, I don't need glasses anymore, and I can swim really well. I did my 800m badge this year. And I'm not allergic to eggs, so I can eat chocolate cake. Hooray!

       Look no glasses, December 2010, in the snow     Maypole dancing Rhianna May 2010

Last year, I was a star on stage as a cat in the school nativity (see below). My parents were very proud. I also learnt that I can charge my parents to help them with problems on the computer. My dad says that if I can keep this business sense up then he'll be able to retire soon and let me look after him. I said he was a silly daddy. I learnt to ride a bike now which is good. 

Looking for the lost chord

Me as a cat in the school nativity, 2008      With Lennox at Alnwick Castle, August 08

My name was chosen from a book of names that my parents had before I was born. They crossed out all the names they didn't like and from the ones that were left they chose Rhianna, which is Welsh. They still think it is a nice name, which isn't bad after eightf years of use. I am now officially a Big Sister and very proud of this fact. I love school, and am better at it than my dad

This was such a cool playground

 The artistic look, from quite a long time ago now

In the eyes of my parents, I am clearly destined to be a great artist - so they scanned some of my pictures and put them here.

Quite a while ago, in the snow