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Robís Top 5 Phobias

Well, Iíve only got one phobia really, and that is my fear of heights. This is rubbish, really annoying. Very restrictive too. We once walked for miles along the Cornwall Coastal path until we went round a corner and found ourselves on the top of a big cliff. No way round, no way back. So thereís me flat against the cliff, inching downwards sideways with kids running around and looking over the edge and laughing at me.

When I was a kid I was scared of the cupboard in the corner of my bedroom. This had the hot water tank in it. This was warmed by a coal fire so it was prone to getting too hot and making all kinds of bubbling and rumbling noises. Which does wonders for your nights sleep when you are a kid! I had dreams about this for a while, usually being dragged into it by an unseen force, but then I read some stuff about dream control and I knocked this on the head.

And I was also scared of the end of the world and had dreams about this too. Usually nuclear holocaust stuff. Not a surprise when you grow up in the 80s with an active imagination! Again, a bit of dream control helped.

Apart from that, Iím not particularly keen on dentists or being dismembered by a plague of angry gerbils.