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Not me (sorry, this page is work in progress so not all formatted yet!)

I was googling for myself on the internet the other day and was appalled to find out how common I actually am. I have a friend who you can image google with his name and get one result, which is him. For 'rob moore', there's thousands and none of them are me! This cast of thousands include two entries on Wikkipedia, neither of which is me! Here are some of the namesakes.

Not me

This guy is an MP in Canada (if you hadn't figured that out). He is (or was) Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada. Very good.

Not me This guy is a jazz drummer for the Andy Margolis Trio. Nice.

 Not me This one is a PostDoc at the Nanotransport Laboratory in Oak Ridge.

I'm the best looking so far but this is just scratching the surface.

Not me  This is a wrestling announcer from Texas.

Not me This one played for Arizona Cardinals and can sign his own name for cash.

Not me This Rob is a Managing Partner of Lipman Hearne.

This one has 30 years experience in corporate restructuring apparently.

This is becoming slightly compulsive.

This one is the principle of a school in Memphis.

Not Rob Moore #9 runs a air charter company in Manchester called V-one

Would you trust this Rob Moore with your daughter??

This one's even a Doctor. It's an outrage! He's from Adelaide. 

I'm just depressed now. Nearly 1600 Image hits and not one of me :(