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Rob's Top Five New Bands

Yes, I'm trying too hard to be the next John Peel, I know. I asked for a 13 but they drew a 31....

Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip. OK, TSAK has been around for ages, but it's new to me and Angles is a great take on modern UK hiphop. Shoot Mike Skinner down, his title of quirky genius has been taken away. It was the beat that my heart skipped.... Seeing them in 2010, after the second album is out

Concrete Bullet. Because I am cool and down with the kids etc etc, this is a local Leeds band that you probably won't have heard of. They are on myspace of course. Girl vocal, indie rock thing. I'd like to go and see them but am worried that I'd be mistaken for someone's dad come to pick them up. Maybe I should take Rhianna...

We Fell to Earth/The Big Pink. Together, coz they have a similar sort of drone indie guitar sound. Saw them in Leeds in 09, enjoyed them, enjoyed the albums too.

Does It Offend You, Yeah?. If live music had been like this when I was young, my head would have popped with joy. Electro nu rave big beat noise. The album is good, but the live act is sensational.

Sneaking in despite being huge are Florence and the Machine who I saw in early 09 as the first act on the NME tour. She is mad. She is lovely. If she plays her cards right she could be in with a shout :) Hahahahaha.


Used to be on here - The Rumble Strips who's 2nd album wasn't so good. The Ting Tings who are huge now, of course. Kasabian, but I'm not impressed by the new album to be honest. And Pendulum, who do commercial drum and bass. They aren't a band. And The Subways who aren't really new any more either but are still good.

Also, moved downwards with a second album are The Young Knives. The modern equivalent of Dave Devant and His Spirit Wife - quirky English guitar pop with weird lyrics. You were screaming at your mum while I was punching your dad, from 'She's attracted to'. Look 'em up on Youtube. Big with Zane Lowe. And I saw them (looking slightly jaded in fairness) in Leeds last year.

The Automatic. Can't exactly call 'em new any more either, two albums in and a bit of a gap in between to boot.

Very good but also not really new any more are the Arctic Monkeys, despite the hype. You must have heard of them now but Imagine the Streets feel to the lyrics and a sort of Clash sound and you are kind of there. The second album is great by the way, 505 is just a lush way to close any album. Quite like the third one too.

Another band relegated to the bottom for the crime of having another album are - The Editors. I'm a bit sceptical of the invasion of retro sounding bands who have four or five good songs but not enough for an album (Killers, Bravery, Interpol etc). These guys have a lot of Simple Minds guitars ('Blood' for example) but the album is very strong. And they are not the new Joy Division

Also good from 2006 and into 2007 were Wolfmother. Retro, derivative but a good old fashioned rock sound.