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Rob's Top 5 Albums

DuranDuran 'Duran Duran' (the 1st one)  - Saw them when I was 16, my first gig ever in fact. This was in Liverpool and there were a lot of young girls screaming. It made an impression on me and, even though Simon couldn't hold a tune in a bucket, I still enjoy their music. This is the classic album for me spoiled by the record company messing about it with it. They took a track from another album altogether and plopped it in the middle, with no regard for the change in production standards, style or sound. Still, Planet Earth, Friends of Mine, Girls on Film, Night Boat etc etc it's all good. 

Chemical Brothers 'Dig Your Own Hole' - Saw them at the Leeds 99 Festival, and it sounded like I would imagine a plane crash could sound. Amazing. There was a happy time when the Chems and the Prodigy both brought out massive big beat albums. I was actually in the states at the time, and bought this there. Awesome sounds.

Jesse Cook 'Gravity' -Comes under world music this one. He's an amazingly creative guitar player across a variety of styles.  I first heard him at the Montreal Jazz festival and loved the creativity and inventiveness that he shows in his music. Dig out Gravity if you want to listen to him.

The Streets ''Original Pirate Material". I know many people hate him, but I think the creativity and originality on this album is second to none. A new sound, a new way of making music, and what is wrong with that. The second album is good too.

Rage Against the Machine - the one with the burning monk on the front. Awesome album. The best heavy metal album ever. Just rawk. On Amazon, 120 out of 128 reviews give this a five, and the other eight were idiots.