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Michaela's page

I am generally fearless and always quick with a cheeky grin. I am at big girl school school now, and really, really loving it. I am going to be a sheep and an angel in the two nativities I'm in. I love the wii, but I don't understand it. I love following my big sis. I love my perky rabbit.

Angel  in the preschool nativity   

I can draw pictures too.

More face paint, this time a butterfly, April 2010I look cheeky, because I am cheeky. Butterfly World, Leeds, Summer 08

Looking very grown up here...

My life, so far, in pictures

Michaela as of October 2006 before we moved the cot base down and she can only just see out now. Evil parents!

Ouch! Only just out and still got the marks to prove it.

Not ready to come out yet