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Bertie and Blackie/Callum/Eric/Lennox/Lizzie/Panda/Hippo

Lizzie's Pictures (roll over for date and place)

The first one. On a Robin Hood statue in Nottingham. These are bigger photos because Lizzie is quite small and hard to spot

Lizzie in Rome, Nov 2008

Northumbrian moors, lovely, Aug 08

In front of a Sophie Ryder, West Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Oct 08

On a 'Do Not Touch' stand at the Space Centre in Florida

Overlooking Valetta harbour in Malta

On a boat in San Francisco Marina

By the York City Walls

Overlooking Dover Summer 2006

Edinburgh castle from the park below, summer 06

In your face Lizzie, with Bournemouth Pier in the background

Paington beach, July 07 with modern art fin

The central cascade at Alnwick, August 07

In front of the Mannekin Pis (spelling?), Brussels, March 08