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Robís Top 5 Live Music Performances

Chemical Brothers (Leeds '99) - huge and loud and awesome.

Elastica (Leeds Uni) - sweaty and nasty. Plus, Ok, quite cute.

Electrofixion (Leeds T&C supporting Boo Radleys) - Echo and the Bunnymen having a bit of rawk fun basically.

Terrorvision - very lively mosh pit and just good fun. I found some of this on Youtube recently and was amazed at how lively it still seems even now, many years later. They just got the crowd going, all the crowd. Brilliant.

Seasick Steve. Leeds O2 2009. The man is a legend. All kinds of people there, old, young, skins, bikers, punks, students. Great tunes. Real connection with the crowd to the degree that at one point he went for someone with a bottle. Steeeeee-vo!!

Now you might be thinking that most of these are pre-2000 and I am an ageing rock dinosaur, and you might be right, but in my defence, I've seen some *good* gigs since then and some *very good* gigs since then, just not the best gigs. Rose tinted glasses and all that :) The Dandy Warhols were on here, but the last time I saw them they were boring so I've taken them off again,


If you were in any way interested these are most of the concerts I've been to see - Duran Duran (Liverpool, 84, first gig!), Queensyrche (Albert Hall), Dio, Helloween, V2, Running Wild, Def Leppard, U2/Fatima Mansions, Gun/Thunder, China Drum, Elastica (twice), Powder, Eddi Reader (twice), Terrorvision as headline, REM/Terrorvision/Echobelly/Beautiful South (McAlpine, Huddersfield), Chemical Brothers/Blur/Catatonia/Snuff (all at Leeds 99), Boo Radleys/Electrofixion, (*cough*) Phil Collins, Dandy Warhols (twice), Simon and Garfunkel/Everly Brothers, Young Knives/Rumble Strips, Martyn Joseph, Biffy Clyro/My Chemical Romance/Muse (New Wembley stadium 07), Snow Patrol (just as they went big), KT Tunstall/King Creosote, The Ting Tings/Does it Offend You Yeah?/Joe Lean and the the Jing Jang Jong/The Cribs (NME tour Leeds, JLJJJ guitarist was sick a lot!), Goldfrapp and some bloke supporting who didn't tell us his name and didn't give a t@ss by the look of him, Florence and the Machine/White Lies/Friendly Fires/Glasvegas (NME Tour again). We Fell to Earth/Big Pink (pretty good, first Cockpit gig), Seasick Steve (amazing), The Drums/Big Pink/Bombay Bicycle Club/Maccabees (NME tour once more), Scroobious Pip vs Dan le Sac (v good)

I would love to have seen - Beatles (obv), Police, U2 before they went stadium, Hendrix, Iron Maiden from Stranger sort of time, the Smiths, Rage Against the Machine .