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Dull but worthy links

Shame on me but I used to like popbitch for the pleasure that people take in being very rude. Not the same post Goatboy though.

If I want news then I will always go the BBC.

The BBC pointed me at a site about cats that look like Hitler, which seems to be a forum for conversations about whether the base concept is in some way Nazi revivalist. Wow.

If I want to chase up on the slightly retentive Dr Who site then I will also go to the BBC. This was quite inspired in the first couple of the new seasons but is a bit tame now.

Reports about the weather can be found here. When I was bored once, I tracked the long range forecasts and found that anything more than 2 days was just rubbish and changed all the time.

Upcoming stuff about TV is here. Doing it yourself on Youtube is probably better though. 

There are dozens of kids TV sites out there. I always search for different versions - there might be a BBC Pingu site and a Hit Entertainment site for example and they might be completely different. My search engine of choice is Google.

I buy at Amazon.

This is hosted by Zen, who seem pretty good.

Also, this is where I used to work. This is bookcrossing.

I knew someone in a band but as soon as I put his URL on here, he told me that they'd split. Bummer eh?

The 1 million masterpiece is worthy and painfully cool and not dull.