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Grumble + 5: Why I don't like modern philosophy

In my opinion, modern philosophy has gone right up it's own backside and disappeared. It has become too clever for its own good and is of absolutely no relevance for anyone outside of a few academic departments.

For example, the Matrix debate. Are we living in a perfect simulation of the real world or is reality real? Let me give you a clue. If the simulation is perfect then you'll never know one way or another so the question is academic. Descarte went through this one, so did the Greeks. It's a dead end. Don't waste your time. Another example. The logical analysis of philosophical statements, done through the use of symbols and mathematical style principles. The answer is defined and constrained by the language you are using to build your constructs. Concepts that are outside of the language, or ambiguities in the words used screw the whole thing up. Even if you had a perfect language with none of these problems, you'd end up with blindingly obvious statements made true by the simple basic definitions of the terms used.

I have bought Philosophy Today once or twice, being the pretentious sort of chap that I am. What a load of self indulgent rubbish. This is one subject that needs radically deconstruction and a hefty kick up the bum to get it moving and vibrant and relevant again.

Does this make me sound a bit nerdy?? It really winds me up though. I find more interesting stuff in the Stephen Baxter books. Such as, how will we cope with an average life span of thousands of years. How will we cope when the universe goes into heat death? How could life flourish in a universe with marginal different fundamental constants?

I am a nerd. Take me out, shoot me.