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Grumble - 4: Why I love swear words

There is something that an f word or a c word or a b word can do, in moments of extreme duress, that an ordinary shucks or sugar cannot. Given that I am an accident prone kind of person, I regularly have to deal with minor pain or injury and damage to property, so I think I am qualified to speak on this subject. And I can say from experience that a single expletive can release pent up stress or frustration or annoyance perfectly. All things in moderation of course, but I take issue with people who say that swearing is a sign of having nothing better to say and that people who swear are in some way linguistically challenged. My swearing is a compliment to my normal use of English - another tool in the box, fit for purpose and wielded when needed. After all, I'm a fair man and if you don't like it you can **** off.

This page is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Bad Language Gordon ****ing Ramsay, after his crowning achievement of getting Sir Cliff Richard to say f*** on national television.