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Grumble +4: Why I don't like sticklers for grammar

My grammar is awful. I write like I talk and freely ignore the 'rules' of both. I'm rubbish at it, I can't remember where punctuation has to go, my sentence structure throws up a sea of Microsoft word auto corrections, my meaning drifts in and out of focus. And there are plenty of pedants and language snobs waiting in the wings to tell me that I am killing the beauty of the English language. There are plenty of pedants waiting in the wings to say that the English language is rapidly being reduced to the lowest possible denominator by text messaging, by rap music, by the adoption of foreign words etc etc. Wise up guys, as a means of communication, English is having to evolve at a tremendous rate in order to encompass new ideas and new concepts. I feel proud to be part of this evolution, with my split infinitives and sentence fragments. I feel proud to be part of the slide towards effective communication rather than rigid rule bound Victorian language.