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Grumble -2: Why I love sports commentary on the radio

If the big analogue switch off goes terribly wrong, and we are plunged back into the dark days of no television, then put me in front of Five Live and Iíll just about make it through. I adore the way that even the simplest and most mundane event becomes a breathless climax of (almost) unspeakable excitement. Even when the commentators are falling from their chairs in a stupor of dullness, they can still find the enthusiasm to make you care about what they are saying. Cricket. Even the staunchest fan will admit that it is a drawn out affair and prone to periods where little happens. Cue some nonsense about cakes, or Aggers getting his leg over or pigeons or something equally silly. Football. Nil nil on a wet and windy Wednesday evening could drive anyone to drink, but the adrenaline that comes from the act of commentary drives the voice over the radio into the realms of high drama. Plus, you donít need to look at the radio to understand what is going on. Your attention is not nailed to it, as it is with the television.

British radio in general, and Five Live in particular should be celebrated and cherished and upheld as an example of what can be done, and of how powerful the medium of voice can be.