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Grumble -1: Why I love the Internet

I love the internet because it receives rubbish like this without comment or reproach, and because it gives so freely in the areas of shopping, music, video, games, information and communication. You’d have to be barmy to copy pictures of toy crabs and then give them out to strangers on the street, but the net means you can do this at virtually no cost and with virtually no real effort at all. Hoorah! And if you want to buy the unheard of and difficult to listen to third album by a particularly obscure soft electronica act then the web is your friend and lover. Dressing up as a wizard and running around a forest was the nearest I ever got to my sad role playing fantasies – now, you can live your entire life online in your stereotyped cross gender voyage of self exploration. No matter what you want to say, you won’t get barred from your local or shunned by your friends because you know there will be a sympathetic ear somewhere on the net.