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Grumble +2: Why I donít like broken glass in playgrounds

It sounds obvious really, but there must be something difficult about it because it is proving impossible for most towns in Britain to master. Hey, teenagers! If you break your alcopop bottles in the park then small children will fall over and slash themselves to pieces. Why not take any element of uncertainty out of the whole game and just take razors into primary schools and slash the kids directly? Oh, you do that anyway. Fair enough.

Simple rules. Places where children play are bad places for dog muck and broken glass. Paying somebody to clear it up is a fair option, but why not be really radical and not put them there in the first place. Writing your name in pen on the slide is unsightly to look at but doesnít actually hurt anyone. Wearing hoodies and looking gangsta is one way to express yourself, and it can be antisocial but in itself it doesnít cause blood loss, trauma and life long scarring.

Now I know I used to throw stones at bottles in streams and stuff when I was a kid, so this makes me a bit of a hypocrite really, but I don't do it now and I'm in training to be grumpy, and this is my web site, so I'll complain if I want too.