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Grumble - 8 Why I love non league football

There is a special buzz to be had from standing on the touchline at a non league game. You get to chat to the players, wind them up a bit, break their concentration, and help your team in a very real and tangible way. You get to chat with the characters around the ground, which includes most of the people banned from league grounds for fighting, or drunkenness or shouting too many swear words or just being a bit odd. You get to travel to really obscure housing estates with scrubby little grounds tucked away in them. You get to freeze half to death in the wind and rain because there is no cover whatsoever. And you get to watch something that vaguely resembles a football match too!

This is the sort of thing you can enjoy at the football! You can see my dad in the light jacket, front row during the coin throwing piece very early on. I'm next to him on the left but you can't really see me. If your browser pops a warning about the file below, it's an embedded YouTube Video so not at all dangerous. Honest guv.