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We all come to a point in our lives when we start to become a little bit annoyed by the little niggles and hassles of everyday life. This trait has been celebrated by the BBC2 programme Grumpy Old Men and Women and it's one I firmly subscribe to. I don't like to be negative though, so for everything I'm going to grumble about here, there is a balancing positive in the list that you can find further down. I'm just trying to be a better person, my name is Rob :)


Why I donít like endless new crisp flavours and other limp branding rip offs  

Why I don't like gravity

Why I donít like broken glass in playgrounds

Why I donít like the Daily Mail or the Daily Express

Why I don't like European heavy metal

Why I don't like rigid adherence to proper grammar like

Why I don't like modern philosophy

Why I don't like meeting famous people

Why I donít like the assumption that films/music/video games make you violent


Why I love Innocent smoothies

Why I love non league football

Why I love the Internet

Why I love sports commentary on the radio

Why I love the night 

Why I love Mr Whippy

Why I love swear words

Why I love the English language

Why I love bad jokes