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Rob's Top Five Girl Guitar Bands

There is something that appeals to me about tight female harmonies and crunchy guitar driven pop.

Elastica - 3 minute pop classics, love them, criminally brief career. Probably had a secret desire to go on tour with them. Saw them a couple of times, brilliant live. Just fantastic Justine.

We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It - the earlier stuff is better, punky, fuzzy, buzzy three minutes and under. They did go massive for a while but Bostin Steve Austin is a great album if you like your Girl Guitar rough and ready.

The Primitives. Don't slow down you're going to crash! Classic.

The Bangles. OK, they were hardly raw around the edges but those harmonies were to die for. Going Down to Liverpool *sigh*

The Sugarcubes. Maybe cheating a bit, but Birthday switched me on to a whole new area of music.

Not featured - Garbage (derivative and dull), Voice of the Beehive (bit sickly), Transvision Vamp (never really had the songs and were just a pretty face), Sugababes/Destinys Child/Spice Girls etc (not guitar bands).