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Rob's Top 5 Comics

The Victor - War, Sport, Adventure for Boys. Ahhh, for many years I took this as a boy. Alf Tupper, Morgan the Mighty, Joe Bones and countless other names that have passed into history now. OK, it was hardly PC, based as it was on very traditional ideas of World War II ethics and morality - which consisted of shooting Germans basically. But it was this that set me on the road to more interesting comic books.

Crisis - Now this is a blast from the past. It was the grown up Brit alternative comic. 2000AD with swearing, politics and sex in the mid to late 80s. Difference now is that 2000 AD has this in anyway. I mutilated my copies to put them in a binder and I look at ebay now and dream of what might have been. There are still bits worth reading in this, and some interesting 'before they were famous' strips from more well known names.

2000AD - The big daddy of Brit comics. It gave us Judge Dredd and that in itself is reason enough to worship and respect. Iconic.

Viz - What can you say about Viz? A cultural classic. Every juvenile snigger and dirty joke. No line too feeble or pathetic to use in an ironic way. Modern Toss has taken this territory now - what a star Alan is!

Garfield/Farside/Calvin and Hobbes - I like the funnies OK?