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Rob's Top 5 Cars What I Have Owned

Mondeo Ghia X - 94 model. It was a fleet car and it went OK. Plenty of room. Fairly nippy, and good brakes, as I found on the Fosse Way one day. The Mondeo has an image problem but it is basically a good car.

Vauxhall Astra - 2005 styling, bit lacking in power if you ask me but Alexis likes Astras.

Rover 214 - my first car, sold to me by my mate Jason. It did well, until it had an incident. Probably an ebay classic in a couple of years.

Celica 1996 styling - I loved this car until it fell to bits and I got a hernia putting Rhianna in the back. A great car, very under-rated. If you gave it revs then it went. I called it Polly because it was a P reg and it was a good friend to me *Sniff*

Mazda 6 Sports Hatchback - now in my possession and very good thank you. Bit heavier than Polly, harder to turn, but possesses such luxuries as multi CD player and 6 speed box and air con. And back doors.


Bit of a cheat this because I've only had 5 cars. I did drive a Golf 1.9 TDi at work though, and that was very nice. Very quick. And a Mitsubishi Space Star, but that was horrible.