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Callum's photos (roll over for place and date)

Caution - maybe I should split Callum's page into two, he's been about a bit

Callum on the Canadian side of Niagra Falls

Callum in Toronto

Callum on the beaches, north of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Early photo of a very fluffy crab on Hadrians Wall

The view from outside the Millennium Dome, London, 2000

Apols for having me on it, but this is Callum at one of the Firenze stations waiting for a connection to Pisa

Callum at the Theatre of Dreams, looking pinker than Sir Alex

Callum outside York Cathedral

Callum adding to a piece of sculpture at Newby Hall, 2003

Callum by some ruins in Cyprus, spring 2001

Some statues in Strasburg, winter 2000

A view over Weston-Super-Mare.

On a wild boar at Castle Howard. I know a story about a colleague and a wild boar.

A great adventure playground at Bowood House

Not so fluffy, but still out and about. Just south of the San Benardino Pass, Italy. Spring 2005

By the seaside, near Aberystwyth, summer 06

You can't keep this crab down. In front of the Notre Dame cathedral in Lille, Aug 06

Callum in Euro Disney, October 2006

Callum on Hay Tor looking out to the south of Dartmoor, July 07

In the (wonky) background is the mouth of the Tyne, Sept 07