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Rob's Top 5 Beers

Leffe Blonde - better than the Triple or the Bruin. I spent a lot of time working in Belgium and this is very nice indeed

3 Monts - a strong Biere de Garde, from Normandy I think. Comes in a bottle with a proper cork. Knocks you sideways but goes down like shandy. Not too easy to find but it looks like this.

Guinness - a decent pint of this will always satisfy.

Landlord - on tap of course - I drank a lot of this when I was doing my PhD and the taste stuck.

Janlain (sp) Ambre - another Biere de Garde. Even harder to find than the 3 Monts, but has a nice warmth, and hides the strength very well. The Blonde is OK, the ambre is darker and better.