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I continue to sing with the Alan Cuckston singers, and have a starring role making "oooohhh" and "oh!" noises in one piece. I have added training co-ordinator to my duties at work, which is interesting and challenging. The trampolining is still going very well, including an appearance in a proper competition in front of the public. There has only been one “landing on the head” incident this year, fortunately, and luckily the trampoline was OK afterwards!

Showing the kids how it's done

By way of recap, the health stuff stems from the acute pancreatitis which started in March 2006. This was very nasty, meant I didn't eat for about 2 and 1/2 weeks and was very poorly. I managed to drop 3 dress sizes, lose about 2 stone and had to buy a complete new wardrobe. I would not recommend this as a weight loss programme though! I got a pseudocyst on my pancreas drained, which had been caused by the pancreatitis and things were finally looking up when I figured out I now had diabetes as a side effect so my diet is very interesting. No eggs, no nuts, minimal fat - so Invite us for dinner at your own risk! 



Both my daughters 

Music (I sing, play violin and piano),

Swimming - I couldn't actually swim until I was 15, after an unfortunate incident when I was about 8 (the swimming teacher dunked me because I wouldn't put my head under the water). Both times I was pregnant I attended aquanatal classes - this was basically aqua-aerobics for a bunch of women who look like beached whales. If you have ever done this you will know that the teacher makes it look really easy on the side of the pool and everyone in the water spends a lot of time trying not to drown themselves. Try this move if you want to know how tricky it is - stand on a foam woggle and move your arms from side to side (surfing). The exercises are supposed to build up your fitness for the birth (running in the water), increase your strength for lifting child in the car seat (by trying to keep foam weights just under the water) and relaxation.   I took Rhianna and now Michaela to Waterbabies.

Plus paddling in the sea, watching the birds in the backgarden, Terry Wogan (yes I think I might be a secret TOG), Northumberland (the UKs best secret, lovely beaches, great countryside and nobody there!) and trampoline classes which I am very good at. 

Dislikes: Cigarette smoke, drunken people, rudeness, being cut up at roundabouts, some of Rob's rubbishy music that he insists on playing in the car (e.g. Biosphere - why does anybody want to listen to blips and blops - who cares what melting glaciers sound like anyway)

Alexis and Rhianna swimming. This is a long time ago now!