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Maybe we should seek professional help about this, but over the years we've been taking our soft toys around the world and taking photographs of them in nice places. It started when we took a little sand lizard called Lizzie to Nottingham, and then spread to a crab called Callum, a Flat Eric called Eric, two white bears called Bertie and Blackie, a brown bear called Lennox, a panda called Panda and now a hippo called Hippo!

Yeah. I know. But the photos are cute and it's habit forming. And the one thing that has struck me after years of doing this, is the variety and the quality of view that you can find anywhere. It seems like there is something worth looking at almost everywhere, from the natural to the man made. Sometimes it depends on the weather and the time of year, and the way you see things, but there are plenty of things to see.

We've split the photo book by character. These are photos by the way, but they aren't too big. In the very unlikely event that you have a similar page to this and would like to be linked then I would be delighted to oblige. We seem to be reasonably *ahem* unique though.

Bertie and Blackie







There is a real skill involved with taking this many pictures of soft toys in public without being arrested