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Dear website, I have to apologise, I said I'd be faithful to you for life, and I'd never have my eye turned by that young floozy Facebook..... But I got tempted one day, and I signed up and I've neglected you, I know, and I hardly ever come and see you anymore......

But I'm back, older (crashed through that 40 barrier) and wiser (well, if you start from a low base!) and I've done a bit of work on the site, brought it back up to date again!

We have about 3 pictures of the whole family together that are recent and this is the least bad. In our garden in May 2010

This is one of the Moore family website, a labour of love and ancient software. Hand crafted and free of anything that could take more than a minute to load on an old dial up modem. 

Messing about in Cragside, another jewel in the North East, Aug 08


Don't forget that my worship material went somewhere else, but that somewhere else doesn't exist anymore so it'll be coming back here when I can get round to it.

On holiday together, August 07, Warkworth